Friday, April 20, 2007

Gotta Get Goals

Over at Babylune, Kate was tagged to set her goals according to Alex Shalman's meme. She did not tag anyone, and I won't either, but she did get me thinking. I have goals floating in my mind, but I (almost) never write them down anymore. When I do, it is more of a "to do" list. As I think about it, I find it strange that I do not write them down, because I am a list type person. I write lists for just about everything! I used to write down my goals, but I do not think I have done so since I have been married! Certainly not since we had The Boy! So here they are... maybe not the wildest goals, but certainly attainable.

Delegation. I will improve my delegation skills. There is no reason for me to do everything and/or to be everything to everyone. When Kevin or someone else offers to help, I will take them up on their offer.

Financial. I will make a financial plan for our family and enforce it. The plan will result in a reduction of our debts without sacrificing all of the fun in our lives.

Stop Obsessing. I am a Type A personality...obsessive/compulsive... and I have a hard time letting things go. When I make a mistake, I often times obsess for YEARS. I am going to work towards letting things go. I can not change them, so there is no need to allow things to eat at me for weeks much less years!

Personal Fitness. I have lost almost all of my pregnancy weight, and my goal is to lose it all and return to 115 pounds (52 kg). I think I was a little over that when I became pregnant, but this is my "ideal" weight, and I want it back. Once I am there, if I have a lazy spurt, I will eat less to balance out my needs vs intake.

Family. I will work to keep my family's needs met without sacrificing my personal happiness. I also will not allow others to convince me that we need another child to make our family complete.

Personal Growth. I will continue to challenge my mind through continued learning. I will read intellectual/academic articles and other challenging literature rather than all "fluff." I will become more actively involved in issues that interest me, and use my skills to benefit organizations that I support. I will not be afraid to express my thoughts and opinions on controversial topics simply to appease others.

Personal Time. I will take time for myself-- even if it is simply 15 minutes to read, a short workout, something-- every day!

Review of Goals. I will periodically review, update and revise these goals. Life causes perspective to change, which causes goals to change. I was once on a fast-track to a high position in a great company. My goals then were a lot different than what they are now.


Jessica said...

I think that it's awesome you're writing it all down. I am a list maker too. I have lists...of lists. It's that bad. I have been writing down things i want, even things I want for Jonathan...just hoping that getting it out in real words will someone how make me more active about helping my goals along. I taped up my goals next to my bed, and now i can't help but look at them when I get in and out. it's fantastic. that you are having your own blog now. i look forward to more personal, just you stuff!

Courtney said...


Peggy W said...

One goal that we had when we were first married was to get away by ourselves once a quarter. When kids came, the plan was lost pretty fast. We're back to it--it keeps the flame alive and keeps us in touch with the person we married. We were married on April 25, 32 years ago!
Keep your eye on your really works!

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