Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My interview

Jen from Heisse Scheisse was so kind to send me these interview questions. She jumped right in with a tough one, and they just got more challenging. Of course, with five questions, there is no time for fluff!

If you would like to be interviewed by me, let me know via a comment to this post!

1. If three fairies came down to bless Amari with three qualities, like in
Sleeping Beauty, which qualities would you want him to have?

Wow. Three qualities. It's so hard to narrow it down, but I think I would chose honesty, selflessness and intelligence. With those three things, he could accomplish anything he chooses for himself. If I could pick a fourth, I would chose an infectious personality. I know-- I'm cheating already!

2. Barring your wedding and the birth of your son, what was the best day of your life?

Wow again! I have honestly been blessed with many amazing days, and picking the best is certainly a challenge.

The best day of my life was the day I graduated from college. For me, this was a great accomplishment. My parents and grandparents had not gone to college, and a lot of people along the way told me that I couldn't and/or wouldn't be able to do it, so finishing (and doing quite well, btw) was my way of saying f-you without actually having to say it.

3. Money is no object, you have unlimited funds. You want to plan a vacation. Who do you take and where do you go?

I have to go to one place? Ideally, I'd travel the world over, but if I had to pick on place, I would go to Iceland. I would really like to visit there, and it is one place where I know Kevin will never play. I would take Kevin, and only Kevin, with me. Other than a week-long trip to München for Christmas in 2005, we have never gone on a trip with just the two of us, and life is our honeymoon (i.e. we did not take one after our wedding), so just the two of us would be great!

I know, I should pick someplace exotic like the Moon, but the flight would simply take too much out of me! LOL!

4. You said you're going to start to get political on your new Maria-Only blog. If you could meet with one of the 2008 presidential candidates to find out who/what they're about, who would you choose? You can ask five questions which they have to answer completely and honestly (The fairies from above sprinkled a little truth dust!) What do you want to know?

No Republican has declared that I would consider voting for, so they are all immediately eliminated. Of the Democratic candidates, Edwards, Clinton and Obama are the "front runners" in my opinion, and I would want to meet with someone who has a chance, so I could really get a feel for them and their agenda. Therefore, I would pick one of those three.

I have read Senator Clinton's book, and feel that I know quite a bit about her, though I am a little disappointed in her campaign so far. I like detailed plans...and she is being far to PC/general for my tastes. Of course, a good candidate would be, because the President doesn't really get much done without Congress's support. I feel like I learned a lot about her though from her book, so I would pass on her for now, but if I could meet with her, I would pounce on the chance like a kitten on a mouse!

Mr. Edwards has gone beyond expressing ideas and developed some great plans-- assuming he has an agreeable congress, I would look forward to some of his policies becoming law. If he can keep himself together, I think he could be a fine president. I would pass this time on choosing him, because he has been expressing himself so well already.

I would pick Barack Obama. To me, he is the dark horse-- the one I know least about and would love to pick his brain. He seems like a really interesting person, and because I have my fairy dust, I know I could get honest answers to the tough questions. I would REALLY like to know what he thinks about some of the issues.

I want to know:
  • What specifically is your plan for fixing America's healthcare system?
  • How do you intend to clean up the mess that Bush created with Iraq? When and/or under what circumstances can we expect to welcome our soldiers home?
  • Describe the importance of world perception and acceptance of the U.S. and its policies, and what do you intend to do to repair the U.S.'s image abroad?
  • The Supreme Court recently upheld a law regarding a controversial form of abortion without a clause to save the life of the mother. How do you feel about this decision strictly from a policy perspective? Is the life of a woman less important than the life of a fetus? If you could rewrite/write the U.S. policy on abortion, what would it be?
  • How do you plan on working with Congress to accomplish your agenda? How willing are you to compromise your ideas for the betterment of the nation?
I know-- my questions are multi-part, but I preferred to bend the rules with the number of questions rather than write five very long run-on sentences. My sixth and seventh questions would cover tax, environment, energy, and immigration policy.

5. What is one item you own that has little monetary value that you would
never sell in a million years for any amount of money?

I had planned on saying my wedding ring, but that actually has value! I would never sell the photos that my step-mom has taken over the years. They mean more to me as I age, and I hope I have them forever. It is fun to look back at me as a skinny little girl, muscular gymnast, short hair, long hair, the addition of Kevin and then Ginger and now The Boy...and all of the things in between. All of the changes and memories recorded in a photo. It is truly amazing!


KaritaG said...

you can interview me if you want. does it matter that I don't have a blog? maybe I should start one, I find yours so entertaining!

Maria said...

It does help if you have a blog, but I will interview you anyway. Maybe it will serve as motivation for you to start a blog! :)

EuroTrippen said...

Great answers... I'd love to go to Iceland myself. It's in my top-10 of places to visit.

Jelly Doughnut said...

I have a blog...interview me! No paparazzi please.

Susie said...

Maria--Check out the MoveOn Virtual Town Hall interviews on YouTube

This is the link to John Edwards (given name: Johnny Reid Edwards!) cause he's who I'm working for!


The others will show up in the sidebar on the right of the video window. It's not much to "watch" but GREAT to listen to!

Also, check out my blog for a bunch more Edwards stuff. I've had a week off and I have energy to THINK about politics again!

Hope you're well!

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