Friday, April 20, 2007

My own little tidbit

So, "we" have the blog for The Boy, and a blog for our Country Hopping family, but I need my own place to express my thoughts on whatever I want. A place to let it all hang out there (so to speak). This blog... well, this is home to my political and mother based rants, among other things. If you are easily offended, I would recommend sticking to the other two blogs. I intend to write about abortion, breasts, and a whole slew of other "liberal" topics, and quite honestly, I do not really care if anyone likes or agrees with what I write.

Maybe this will entice Kevin to post a little on the family blog? Or not. Either way, Country Hopping is now home to family activities and family "stuff." The Boy's blog remains unchanged-- his view of what is going on. This ... this is my personal blog.


nbunker said...

I enjoy all of your postings in various "voices." Of course, I will read A Piece of My Mind with great gusto! Nancy

KaritaG said...

Yay! I've been waiting for some stuff like this...

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