Friday, May 18, 2007

A quick rant!

Dear Fat (or slender) LAZY Germans,

Walk up the dang flight of stairs and leave the elevator to those who truly need it! Seriously-- six Germans on an elevator today...all looking at me with my stroller... as they pack themselves in to the elevator and I am left to wait five minutes for it to return.

This has been bothering me for quite some time, but today was the last straw. I'll give the elderly the benefit of the doubt, but the rest... well, they need to WALK UP THE ONE FLIGHT OF STAIRS! Heck, some can't even be bothered to walk ten feet to go up the escalator!

Anyway... this is the end of this rant for now, but I am still mad!


Bek said...

Same problem in Austria. It's not just elevators, but any public transportation. People seem to be annoyed if someone with a stroller needs some extra space in the bus. Or when trying to carry the stroller up a flight of stairs not too many offer help, but are rather impatient.

Christina said...

I've been annoyed by those folks as well. Also the Germans who won't move slightly so that I can get past (in a restaurant, or on the sidewalk or a shop aisle). My belly does not allow me to squeeze by anything anymore! And they always give me dirty looks when I ask them (politely) if they could please move!

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