Wednesday, May 9, 2007

There is nothing wrong with me!!!

Here is my first "real" rant. I'll keep it brief.

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME, so STOP giving me a hard time!

I want to have ONE child, and that is it! I might change my mind in the future, and that might lead to the adoption of the girl I have always wanted, but honestly, I am happy with The Boy, and The Boy will not grow up a social misfit or without someone to play with. The Boy will be completely normal, if not above average!

Why is it that when I say one is enough for me, so many people give that surprised/disappointed "oh" and look at me like I am an a leper? Most of the "ohs" and looks come from Americans, and upon doing a little research, I can see why.

According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Average household size in the US: 2.6
Average household size in Germany: 2.2
Average household size in France: 2.4

"With few exceptions, the total fertility rate remains low in the UNECE region. Only in a few CIS countries...are the rates higher than the replacement fertility rate of 2.1."

The US hovers around 2.0 or 2.1, while Germany (1.3-1.5) and France (1.7-1.9) are lower.

There are a ton of different statistics and numbers to support the premise that Europeans are having fewer babies than Americans. Maybe all of the time I spend over here has influenced my thinking?

I once mentioned that all of the travel we do is the reason, but in truth, that is not why. After having traveled across the sea alone with The Boy, I think I am more than capable of traveling with two, three or even more children. It might not be easy, but I could do it and probably wouldn't think much of it.

My reasoning is simple. I like having "just the three of us." We get along great. For us, this seems to be the perfect family size. It does and will allow for us to provide for all three of us as we would like to. It allows for The Boy to have the attention and advantages that are necessary to succeed in today's world.

To sum up my rant-- THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME for wanting one child and only one child, so stop with the "oh" and funny looks!


Courtney said...

you are certainly right that nothing is wrong withyou. it is totally you and kj's decision and no one elses. amari will be fine whether he has siblings or not. i don't really know life without 2, but i am certainly not planning on having more and in bartlesville, ok, that is a "crazy thing" as SOOOO many families here have upwards of 5 and more...i think they are insane personally! just enjoy amari and in time you'll be able to decide whether to adopt get pregnant or go on with life as the matter what you do you are "right" if it is right for you

Bek said...

I agree with you. I also noticed that many Americans have 3+ kids, which is quite rare in Austria. You should do whatever is right for you. In the end, you will have to live with 1, 2, 3, or however many you want one day. It shouldn't be anybody's business.
I also noticed that many Americans start way earlier than Europeans with getting kids.

Christina said...

Just tell them to buzz off.

The only people who should have an opinion on how many kids you have, are you and your husband. And haven't they ever heard of the "zero population growth" movement anyway!?

I have much the same anger towards people who think I shouldn't have waited until I was 32 to have a baby. I wasn't ready before then and getting pregnant before I was ready would not have been good for the baby, hubby or me!

Christina said...

Just found this news article for you: Children 'bad for planet'

KaritaG said...

No worries! Why, why, why do people feel like this is any of their business? I am having the same problem with "when are you having kids?" God forbid you make it to 27 and have a successful career with no baby in the picture! I really like it when people ask me how many children we want and jason and I respond "we're going to have one and see how we like it." It's funny. But seriously, I feel no urge to have a litter - I don't necessarily think it would be fair to me, jason, the kids, or our jobs if we had the responsibility of even three! That's what's best for me, and you know what is best for you, too.

Maria said...

Exactly G!!! Kevin and I said the same thing-- we'll see how it goes with one, and I can tell you that one is what I want. In three or four years, I might change my mind, but seriously, I see nothing wrong with one...or none.

brooke said...

i am a very happy, well adjusted, only child, so i agree!

sorry i am commenting on this MONTHS later- i had not read these entries before now!

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