Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Reflecting on Six Months of Motherhood

Five days ago, The Boy turned six months. Normally, I am not big on half-birthdays, but considering the amount of change in the first six months, I think reflection is warranted!

Certainly, the past six months have brought challenges. Plenty of challenges. Sleep. The lack thereof. Tired arms. Fussiness. Teeth. The list goes on. However, The Boy is truly a joy to have around, and I couldn't ask for a happier baby! His smile lights up a room and my heart. His sleeping face is so peaceful-- a complete turn-around from his day time curiosity! His hugs and snuggles make up for all of the hard things.

Personally, I have found a level of patience that I never knew existed in my life. I see so many things as though I am looking at them for the first time. I take pleasure in the simple things with The Boy.

Most recently, people have begun to ask me how I like motherhood and/or how motherhood is for me, and honestly, I think I am better suited for working 50 hours a week in a high-stress demanding job than I am for motherhood. Actually, I think I make a horrible stay-at-home mom, but I think Kevin will disagree. Well, he had better disagree if he knows what is good for him. LOL! Point is, that the "job" is demanding in ways that I never dreamed of, and rewarding in ways that could only imagine. At the office, I know how what I am doing and there are defined procedures and guidelines to follow. With The Boy, I am still learning the little things...we both are learning!

Anyway-- to "celebrate" my six months of motherhood, here are six things I never thought I would do.

1. Taste baby food and cereal. That's right. If I taste it and think it tastes nothing like the "real thing," Gerber can keep it, because The Boy isn't eating it!

2. Stick my finger in a baby's mouth. Now that there are teeth, I am back to not doing this, but for a while, he wouldn't take a nuk, and a finger would sooth him until he could get what he really wanted.

3. Breastfeed everywhere. At first I was nervous. Now, I just do not see the fuss. Less breast shows in a bathing suit than when The Boy is eating.

4. Ask for help. I am a do-it-myself person, but I have had to rely on Kevin more than I ever imagined I would. He boosts me up when I am feeling down, covers my tail when I need a nap, and will do almost anything I ask...as long as I get to the point of asking!

5. Put The Boy in my bed. Sometimes the path of least resistance can save ones sanity.

6. Go two days without brushing my teeth...and a shower... sometimes it just doesn't happen. Deal with it! LOL!


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