Saturday, June 9, 2007

We're back

We're back in the states, and there is so much I want to say. Unfortunately, I need to stop doing stuff so I can have a minute to sit down and write!

One quick thought though before I do a meme and go to sleep--

What is it with recycling in America? I was not in Germany that long (nine months), but I HATE throwing things out now! I feel myself cringe as I put things in the trash that I normally would have separated in to the appropriate bins. Actually, it was similar in France, so I guess I have been doing it for the most part of two years. Point is-- we throw away a lot of crap in the US. Heck, I have to pay the city extra to take my recycling, and they only take paper, certain plastics and glass, and cans.

OK-- a second thought. This one is a directive to all of the SLOW drivers cruising along in the left lane: "MOVE YOUR SLOW ASS OVER!"


Bek said...

And I thought I'm the only one being annoyed by the slow drivers on the left;)

Peggy W said...

Welcome back to the states. This time I hope we can actually MEET sometime.
On recycling: Minneapolis does it. We separate stuff, put it in bins and it is picked up every other week. There are five people in our house (3 apartments) and we stuff 5 bins for every pickup. We seldom fill an entire trash cart but we often have extra recycling. Cities CAN do this. Also, we get a credit on our trash bill for recycling. Lund's, Byerly's, and Kowalski's all have places to recycle plastic bags. Lund's/Byerly's are also promoting reusable grocery bags. Don't despair: It can happen in the USA.

Maria said...

I know there is hope, but down here, there is a lot of wide open space and individually minded people who simply refuse to do it, and our city government is so backwards that they only make a minimal effort to improve the situation. Heck, we can set out SIX bags (the large 55 gallon type) TWICE a week of regular trash, but they only pick up the recycling twice a month... to give them credit, we can put out as much recycling as we have as well, but there are too many things that they just don't take.

Chris V said...

I picked up the same good habits from my years in Germany and Austria. In '95 Kansas City didn't recycle anything off the curb, and the few appointed drop sites were staffed only on weekends. I opted to get out of town most weekends, which added to the challenge.

And to your 2nd point, in escaping KC each weekend, I never encountered COP-FOR-A-DAY drivers hunkering down at slow speeds in the left lane. They're all up here in Minnesota.

Maria said...

Chris V-- they can't all be in MN, because there are a TON in Tulsa, OK. As a matter of a fact, I would nominate Tulsa as having some of the worst drivers in the US! The only places I have been with worse-- TURKEY! Kevin says Syria is worse, but Turkey was horrible!

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