Wednesday, July 18, 2007

From the outside looking in...

From the outside looking in, I do not always see what I would like to
see. My reflection is not living up to my own high expectations. Of
course, I invision perfection, which is unattainable. No one is perfect
in every aspect of their life, but that is still what I strive to
attain. When I fall rediculously short, I am riddled with self-doubt.
Why do I respond to some situations in ways that I am ashamed of??? Why
is that my first reaction? My instinct?

From the outside looking in, I am full of self-doubt. Doubt about my
abilities to change. Doubt about every aspect of my life. From the
outside looking in, I am not yet the person I want to be. Each day I
work towards changing that, and while progress is made, perfection is
never achieved.

What do you see when you view yourself from the outside? Please post a
comment and/or link to your own post!!!
MWJ from the road


KaritaG said...

I responded! Perfection only exists in your mind, which is why it drives you crazy - you can never achieve it, because it's not real. The flip side is, no one can see inside your mind to your form of "perfection," so no one else realizes you are falling short of your own standard. It's YOUR standard - you can use it to hate yourself or motivate yourself. I think you do a pretty good job of taking the "motivate" road.

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