Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Getting worn down!

Everyone experiences ups and downs during their lives, and I have to say, right now is a big down for me, which is why I have not been blogging over here as I had intended to do. I am tired. No, not just tired. I am worn out and, subsequently, worn down. When it rains it pours, and it is pouring.

I had been feeling tired and run down since I returned from Minnesota, but I have moved passed that to exhaustion. The Boy had an ear infection, which meant he did not sleep. Of course, that means that I also was unable to sleep. While he was getting better, I had a million other things stressing me out to go with his ear infection... like reminding people to do things that needed to get done and doing a million things myself.

And then tonight... tonight I go to use the garbage disposal, but it is broken. I did not know it was broken until I flipped the switch, so I had to dig all of the crap out of it. Sadly, it is the straw that broke my back. A stupid garbage disposal, and as I told my dad, I am too tired and wore down to even deal with it. I can't believe that I am, but I am.

Anyway-- all of that to say that I won't be blogging much anywhere until I get my spirit back. No one wants to read a bunch of whining, and right now, I do not have much thought provoking to say.

One promise though... I will be back. Until then.


Kristie said...

sorry you are having a tough time. wish there was something I could do for you

Kristie said...
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