Thursday, August 23, 2007

My sweet baby...

Since I have been contemplating going back to work full-time, I have been enjoying my time with The Boy a lot more. Last night I was at the bookstore (the babysitter was at my house, so I escaped to work), when it really hit me. Not only would I spend my day away from my baby, I will be spending my nights alone with him!

I won't like. I enjoy being alone with him. I get to have all of his attention, but sometimes that is hard too. On the flip, it is easier for us to maintain a schedule, and I find myself enjoying his quirks even more. I lie in bed and watch him sleep. I see his many faces with fresh eyes. We both sleep better.

The Boy is precious... my precious baby. I shower him with my love and attention, and he returns it ten fold. Days like the past few are what make me smile... as long as I help him keep the teething pain down! ;-) (Tooth No. 3 has reared its ugly head and No. 4 is on its way!)


KaritaG said...

sweet!! I wondered about that when I saw your email, being a part-time single will be great, everything will work out fine. enjoy him while he is small, they grow up so fast!!

Courtney said...

wow...yeah, that must be hard. aren't they so precious when they sleep?! hope youa re well

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