Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blogging from my bed.

The Boy is finally sleeping...but I am afraid to leave the bed because
he wakes frequently looking for me... or at least he has been. I cannot
fault him though, because he is sick, and his illness brought on a new
low for me.

I had very little sleep last night-- partly my own doing (I went to a TU
football game) and partly because The Boy was vomitting! low...undoubtedly no one else will think of this as being a
bad thing, but right after I had been puked on for the third...fourth???
I don't remember how many-ith time for the day, with vomit on a second
bed and on the floor, I phoned a friend. During the conversation, I
broke down and was crying. I cried even more after we hung up (while The
Boy laughed at me none the less). Thankfully my friend and her husband
came by to help me out.

I really needed the time to compose myself more than anything, but I
hate asking for help for "stupid" things like this. In my twisted little
world, I think I should be able to handle everything thrown (or
vomitted) my way. I am a strong person. I know I am, but I still strugle
to ask for help when I need it. I am embarassed to do so. It is sad to
write it, but very true.
MWJ from the road


Global Librarian said...

The strongest people know when to ask for help so they can recover and continue on.

Never be ashamed to ask for help!

KaritaG said...

maria, this has been hard for me to learn too! but you have to when you are married and (I can guess) especially when you have a baby! don't ever be ashamed to ask for what you need, and just remind yourself that your family and friends WANT to help you - because they do! email me anytime you want to vent...

Courtney said...

i am sorry. i wished i lived closer and i'd come help should never be afraid to ask for help or feel silly for it (although i find myself there often) people WANT to need help, not because you are NOT strong, but because you are...

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