Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Recent events and activities by Facebook and MySpace have my panites in a wad! I am PISSED!!! Izzy-Mom brought it to my attention with her own post that these sites allow half-naked, provocative poses and pro-anorexia groups (over 350 on facebook!), but they have removed photos of breastfeeding women, and in some cases, deleted their accounts! Seriously? Breastfeeding is considered obscene? Are you f-in' kidding me?

Mojo of a Mama did a nice comparison on her blog. The covers of magazines and advertisements show far more skin than a breastfeeding mother. Heck, my own friend on MySpace has more skin showing from her German Maxim photoshoot than the photos of breastfeeding!

So for all of the Facebook and MySpace fools out there who are deleting photos and saying breastfeeding is obscene, bite me! My step-mom, Sheri, took these amazing photos of The Boy and me, and I biggest regret is that I did not have them taken sooner! Here he is at 8 months!!!

Other people have written far better posts re: this very topic. Here are a few of my favorites.
Mojo of a Mama
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos- just incredible in black and white. Thanks for the link! :)

Amanda said...


MollyB, Bloggerin said...

Just don't give them to his wife as a wedding present, and you'll be fine. ;)

Seriously - they're beautiful. His wife will ask for copies.

Given the pic I have on my anonymous myspace profile, the "crackdown" on natural breastfeeding pix confuses me.

christina said...

Lovely photos. He's such a sweet boy.

How ridiculous to categorize breastfeeding as obscene. People really need to get their priorities straight considering all the cr*p there is bout there on the internet.

Amanda said...


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