Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blog Day for Mother's Act

PSI: Blog Day for the Mothers Act

I am a little late in the day in posting this, but today I am blogging in support of the Mother's Act, because it is something that I feel strongly about-- raising the awareness of Post Partum Depression (PPD) and other Post Partum Mood Disorders. PPD has affected some of my friends, and I can only imagine the struggle of dealing with a new little one, which can be overwhelming in itself, while dealing with the very real struggles of PPD.

Over 500,000 women suffer from some sort of post-partum mood disorder annually, and many do not receive help and treatment due to the stigma surrounding the disorders and the lack of training of medical personnel on this topic. Many doctors do not recognize the symptoms, much less know how to treat it! Now is the time to act. Know the symptoms. Help those in need. Be an advocate for your wife, friend, or other person in need. Be persistent. Get the help you need! Most importantly, be informed.

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