Friday, February 8, 2008

Gotta Get Goals-- Take II

The list rages on...slightly revised, but the main categories are the same.

Delegation. I will improve my delegation skills. There is no reason for me to do everything and/or to be everything to everyone. Housework, financial records, work in general is meant to be shared.

Accepting help. When Kevin or someone else offers to help, I will take them up on their offer. I will no longer just say that I would love for someone to take The Boy for a few hours. I will "phone-a-friend" more often!

Financial. I will make a financial plan for our family and enforce it. The plan will result in a reduction of our debts without sacrificing all of the fun in our lives. I will more clearly define our "needs" versus "wants."

Personal Fitness. My new fitness goal is to return to working out (cardio and abs as a minimum workout) at least three times per week.

Family. I will work to keep my family's needs met without sacrificing my personal happiness.

Personal Growth. I will continue to challenge my mind through continued learning. I will read intellectual/academic articles and other challenging literature rather than all "fluff." I will author (and co-author) articles and submit them for professional considerations via presentations at conferences and publications. I will continue to be actively involved in issues that interest me, and use my skills to benefit organizations that I support. I will not be afraid to express my thoughts and opinions on controversial topics simply to appease others. I will work to complete my thesis!

Personal Time. I will take time for myself at least one night a week.

Review of Goals. I will periodically review, update and revise these goals. Life causes perspective to change, which causes goals to change. I was once on a fast-track to a high position in a great company. My goals then were a lot different than what they are now.


KaritaG said...

Just a tip, when I published my law review paper I used a service that allowed me to pay per submission and they would prepare the article and cover letter and contact information and send it out to the journals I chose from a list. SUPER timesaver (when you're ready)! I used bepress though I am sure there are others...good luck with the rest of the goals!

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