Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This is going to be a quickie, but I have to get it off my chest. I am freaked out! Wanna know why? Obviously you do or you would have closed the window by now. Let's start from the beginning...Cliff's Notes style.

The Senior Economist retired in January. I am his understudy. His position "hit the street" at USA Jobs today. I need to apply. I should apply. I will apply. I am freaked about about NOT getting the position. I know that I am probably not the best candidate out there and probably will not get the job, but I fear looking like an ass for even trying...and then failing once I do try. My supervisors know and want me to apply anyway.

Not to worry. I am going to do it, but I am freaked out about it. My heart is racing already. More on this topic and failure, societal views of success and failure and the pressures to succeed without ever failing to come over the next month.


KaritaG said...

J and I both are currently in jobs that we didn't think we were "qualified" for. First of all, I am guessing you are more qualified than you think (we tend to underestimate ourselves), and secondly, you SHOULD be going for jobs that you are slightly underqualified for! That's how you keep moving UP! Good luck, and keep me posted!

Courtney said...

if they know and want you to apply that is a good sign...and nothing would ever have been invented/succeeded in/done without having failed first...(okay, maybe not nothing, but you get my point...failure is okay...as long as you keep moving forward...in the words of the robinsons! (good movie))

Susie said...

Yay! Conquer fear. And forget it. Life is too short.

How's the process going?

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