Sunday, March 16, 2008

My guilty pleasures!

Schokolade Maedchen tagged me to list my top 3 guilty pleasures... here they are!

Here are my top 3 guilty pleasures:

Nutella-- The only thing better than a small jar of Nutella is a large one! Eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I won't tell!

A good handbag-- I love a good handbag. That Fendi I bought in December 2006? It gets used and used and used some more! And nothing polishes off the perfect outfit like the perfect bag!

Manis, Pedis, Facials, Massages and Waxing-- Honestly, I have neglected these, but when I can have them, I LOVE them. Hopefully I can get back to them soon!

I am not going to take anyone, but play along if you want!


Susie said...

I LOVE Nutella. And I love waxing/massages/facials and the whole nine yards. I've been shopping at and it's a little expensive, but if you break down the cost on all the facials you don't pay's cheap!

Also, just found a new GREAT chocolate shop. It is seriously excellent AND socially responsible.

Now I just need to get back in to bike riding so I can eat all the chocolate I want!

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