Saturday, March 29, 2008

Truth about motherhood...

Damselfly wrote about mothering with her ears open for a recent blog blast on Telling the Truth About Motherhood, which is happening in conjunction with this post on Discovery Health.

There are a lot of things I wish people would have told me about motherhood... some of which I am sure were told to me, but I did not have my ears open!

I wish someone had told me that little boys get erections. Yup. It starts at birth and continues through a lifetime. Until I had The Boy, I thought that the whole erection issue started around puberty, but no. I've shocked a few women with this knowledge, and I am sure that this post will shock a few more. So there you have it... what I wish I had known... with a chuckle!


Michele said...

I wish someone would of told me about those things too. I was freaked out with my first one, even asked the doctor about it and he kinda laughed at me and said "get used to it there are many more years of that" GREAT!!
I ended up having 4 boys so there are so many things that I looked at my husband and say "is that normal?" HAHAHA

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