Sunday, April 20, 2008

Earth Day 2008: Tip 5

No more plastic! Seriously. My friend, Carrie, posted these random facts on her blog recently, and they are staggering!
  • It takes as much petroleum to make 14 plastic bags as it does to drive a car one mile.
  • The annual amount of oil expended to produce plastic bottles sold in the United States is enough to fuel 100,000 cars for an entire year.
Add to that the recent draft report in the US expressing concerns over BPA and Canada's labeling of BPA as "Toxic," and you have even more reasons to ax the plastic in your home. Here are a few tips to get you started.
  • Say goodbye to plastic bags by bringing your own bags to stores. There are a wide variety of bags out there that are compact, yet sturdy and roomy. Some stores have even stopped offering plastic bags, so avoid the temptation to take paper, and just bring your own!
  • Use glass containers to store food. The transition might be slow, but you won't need to throw away plastic containers that are stained from tomato sauce either!
  • If you do end up taking a plastic bag from the store, reuse it.
  • Buy kids toys that do not contain plastic.
  • Buy in bulk.
  • Drink water from the tap, which eliminates the number of water bottles needed.
  • Use an alternative water bottle, such as SIGG or Kleen Kanteen.
What have you done to reduce your plastic usage? What do you intend to do?


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