Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day 2008: Tip 6

Earth Day is just around the corner, so today, we're going to focus on buying products from just around the corner. Well, that and organic. I wrote a nice post a little while back on why I have gone organic, and I improve that every week. I think. Well, another great option is to go local, and if you can double up and go local and organic in one swoop! I am doing that this summer by participating in a CSA with Three Springs Farm. You can find a local CSA by using this handy tool at Local Harvest. You can also find Coops and Farms on that site.

In Tulsa, we have another option for organic and natural meats-- Harvard Meats. It just opened, so I am sure I will have a post about its positive and negatives coming soon. None the less, it is an option to check out.

In the past, we have gotten beef from Stone Bluff Beef in Haskell, Oklahoma. I loved their product, and we will use them more often once Kevin retires from basketball. Why wait? Well, The Boy and I don't eat much meat when Kevin isn't around, and I hope to continue this "diet," but Kevin eats more than we do, so the meat won't sit in the freezer for too long with him around.

So-- why local? Well, it reduces your eco-footprint. It doesn't take much thought to figure out how/why. Less shipping = less fuel = less emissions = fresher food ... need I go on?

Make a difference. Go local. Go organic. Go BOTH! :)


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