Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Earth Day is coming!

Are you doing anything special for Earth Day? My friend, Carrie, is having an Earth Day party! She's cool like that... and ridiculously smart! Seriously-- an engineer with personality. Anyway... She's having a green party, and I am secretly (well not so secretly any more) jealous.

I was trying to think of something special to do with The Boy on Earth Day, but he is too young to understand... so far. Next year it is on though!

What will you be doing? What do you do to mother the Earth on a day to day basis? I'm coming up with a weeks worth of posts... for the week leading up to Earth Day. Seven days. Seven Tips. So check back daily!


care said...

aw. you made me blush. :)

so one thing I'm doing that I haven't blogged about yet--I'm going to have an earth day resolution, much like a new year's resolution, except, um, not. I haven't decided if it'll be a month or for a whole year or what.

could you and amari plant a tree? like, a little baby one? or some herbs or something? he still might not get it, but maybe he'd like the process and be proud of the tree...

Maria said...

I hadn't thought of herb planing, but I might do that! Thanks for the idea!

Mr. Squid said...

I want to let you know about a card recently started by Ed Begley and TerraPass for our beloved mother earth. People from all over the world are pledging to make a difference this year.

Stop by and leave a message... and help spread the word!



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