Friday, April 18, 2008

US Report issues warnings and concerns

Non-Toxic Kids posted that the National Toxicology Program, in a draft report, has labeled BPA as a toxin of concern. I am not going to repost all the same stuff here, but you can go to Non-Toxic Kids and see what Katy had to say.

My own take-- it's about damned time that caution takes precedence over the chemical lobby. I was listening to NPR yesterday, and Michael Shelby (I don't remember his title, but he was oversaw the draft report) was put to the test-- around 3:45 of the interview-- Would he advise his child not to use a bottle containing BPA for a grandchild. I was disappointed that he said "I don't have that situation to face right now, I would have to take that under consideration. I think-- uh-- I think If used properly, these bottles may well be safe. We just can't say whether they are or not." You can listen to his interview here.

Progress is being made... hopefully the ball will keep rolling!


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