Friday, April 11, 2008

The wait begins.

About a month ago, I freaked out on this blog about a job advertisement. More specifically, my FEAR surrounding applying for said job. I managed to curtail that fear until yesterday when I freaked again, which allowed me to avoid blogging about it all month long. Whew! On the other hand, yesterday, I went to my supervisor and told him that I am freaked out-- afraid of failure-- and don't want to look stupid. He reassured me and I submitted my self-nomination.

Now. Now, I must wait.

And wait.

And wait some more.

Why such a long wait? Well, back in the big personnel office of the US Government, they will match up my resume to some "key words" (seriously, the stupidest thing ever) and check that I am indeed qualified. If I am one of the top 5 applicants, I will be granted an interview. blah blah blah after that.

If I am not selected, I have already been advised to appeal the short list through our Equal Employment Office (EEO), because I am already doing the job and am eligible for the position. All that would get me though is an interview. I'd still have to go before the panel and show that I am the best fit.

So, back to waiting.

On the other hand, another wait is over! I found out yesterday that, pending BOD (Division Chiefs and the Colnol) approval, I have been accepted in to the Leadership Development Program (LDP). Yea!


KaritaG said...

Congrats on your acceptance, I think you are a natural-born leader. I am waiting too...I have two interviews on Friday that I am super excited about. Now I just have to count down the days until I have them...and then wait to see if I got the job...waiting sucks!

Maria said...

It seems to me that life is full of hurry up and wait scenarios. Just when one ends, another begins.

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