Saturday, April 5, 2008

Whole Foods ousts plastic bags!

Without getting in to the debate of paper versus plastic and their environmental cost and footprints, I have to comment Whole Foods for ridding their stores of plastic bags by Earth Day 2008. That's April 22nd for those of you scratching your heads! In preparation, they have been offering their "Better Bag" (composed of recycled plastic bottles) for 99 cents! The "Better Bag" is much like the bags I used in France and Germany... and purchased last year from Costco while in MN visiting family. On top of the environmental impact, Whole Foods offers a bag credit when you bring your own!

Personally, I own quite a few cloth bags from Germany that I brought back with me and use, as well as the larger bags from Costco. I have noticed recently that quite a few stores are now offering reusable shopping bags, and that is great! My goal by Earth Day 2008? Start bringing those cloth bags with me to "other" stores. Sure, I will get some strange looks, but I will end my use of paper and plastic bags that way!

Here is a simple way to act. If you don't own reusable bags, start by reusing the bags you have-- paper and/or plastic. Work your way up. Keep the bags in the car with you. After you unpack your groceries, place the bags back in your vehicle. Every bag makes a difference!

Be the change you want to see!


care said...

I really like baggu bags.

they are a little pricey, compared to the 99 cent ones, but I like it that they fold up and can easily tuck into my purse or jacket pocket. and can be machine laundered. I already have three and I just bought more because I used them everywhere.

good for you taking them to other stores too! be prepared for the crazy looks--I guarantee you'll get them. so far people at target, ross, food lion, cvs and basically anywhere in the mall have thought I was a bit off for bringing them!

Maria said...

Care-- I'll have to check in to those. I hate to buy more until these wear out though. I have checked out a few other brands already too. And I'm already used to the strange looks...and sometimes comments. Stores use those bags as advertising, and the kids at Reasors have no clue how to pack a reusable bag. Anyway...

KaritaG said...

I went to King Soopers on Saturday (same company as Kroger) and they are now placing reusable cloth and insulated cloth bags for purchase right by the checkout! I was so pumped to see a big chain (as in, not a natural/healthy grocery store) doing this and thought of this post!

Maria said...

I saw reusables at the front of Target this weekend... and Reasors now has reusables by the checkout. Yea!!! Exciting times!

Susie said...

Me too, me too! I'm on the boat!

Reusing bags has also given me a glimpse into other areas of my life where I am wasteful.

I've found I:
Turn off all the lights
turn off water while washing dishes (there's a great gadget I want to get, I'll try to find it online. You can turn on and off the flow of water as you want it. Easier than resetting the temp for washing dishes, teeth, face, etc)
Reuse plastic bags for any number of things
Cut down on using ziplocks and have gone to tupperware

Can't wait to see how else the new thinking affects things :)

Isn't it satisfying?

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