Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dear Idiot,

Yes. I am talking to you. The person driving down 21st Street throwing litter out of your car. I saw you toss the plastic wrap from your pack of cigarettes. I saw you ashing outside your car, and I saw your license plate number-- TUL 403. You should be ashamed of yourself!


katandkarl said...

hahah! don't you wish you could assign FINES yourself for stuff like that? :) HAH. I kind of do.

care said...

that would make me LIVID. you can report them, you know...

KaritaG said...

That's hilarious that you got their license plate! LMAO! We have these new signs that have recently appeared around Steamboat that say "Litter Bites." Hmmmm...I mean, I agree with the "let's discourage littering concept," but does it really "bite?!"

Jax said...

I SOOO agree! It's like the people at panera that dont throw away their own trash. Those people piss me off, too. But, people that litter.. UGH.. There's a special place for them. In Costa, I gave a girl a bandaid while climbing (that Kat girl). She left the wrapper on the rock. I went over (in pain mind you) and picked it up to store it til we got down. WHO LEAVES TRASH IN A NATURE RESERVE?! WHO DOES THAT?!

Jax said...

Oh, and one more thing... the beach we stayed was pretty much mostly organic! thought of you and carrie. I mean.. everything recycled, food was was pretty awesome. :)

Susie said...

OH. MY. GOD. I get SOOO angry at these people!

The other day, an entire bag of McDonald's. Not eaten, mind you. Out the window.

In a few hundred feet? An ice cream sundae.

Then a soda.

Seriously ridiculous.

I'm into a WHOLE blog dedicated to citing date, time, city and make of car WITH license plate calling these people out. WITH a photo if you have an able passenger.


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