Saturday, June 14, 2008

Awesome commercial

I saw this ad on The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog, and I thought I should share. It aired (or airs?) in Scotland!

Breast is best!


Rebecca said...

This thing would never air in the US. First, some people would consider it disgusting. (In our Baywatch culture.)

Second, the formula lobby would fight it. (Remember the NIH ads promoting breastfeeding that the formula industry managed to pull? They showed a bottle nipple and an asthma inhaler as almost one-and-the-same.)

And mostly, people get so defensive and irate about the formula vs. breast milk issue that there might be a riot. It wouldn't air in the interest of public safety. :)

I am still breastfeeding my son who turns one this week. I cannot tell you how many people say, "Are you STILL doing THAT?" My mom asked yesterday if I'll finally be quitting this week since my son turns one. My girlfriends... well, they're not much better. It would be nice to have a bit more breastfeeding support out there. Ads like this would help to normalize breastfeeding and increase general public support for it. Maybe someday our government will do stuff like this. Do you think Hillary breastfed? Would having a woman in high office help or hinder this effort? Or, maybe it depends on the woman.

Maria said...

@rebecca-- I hear you! People started asking me around 9 months when I was going to "quit that." Well, we're about to hit 18 months. I won't lie. It's not always easy, but I still would not trade it for the world! Oh, and I do remember the NIH ads that the formula lobby fought and won.

On the positive side, my extended nursing has opened a lot of my friend's eyes to nursing. They ask a lot of questions, and I am happy to answer them. It helps that I am the first in our group to have a baby though. If only one of them nurses for a year, I will be so happy!

I do think Hillary breastfed. She was a hippy... it only seems natural. ;-) LOL! As far as hinder/help, I think it depends on the woman. An advocate for bf, who is not pushy and acknowledges the need for formula in some cases, certainly could go a long ways towards re-normalizing bf.

Wow... long response, but i'm glad you're sticking around! :)

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