Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My five minute shower update...

So far so good on the 5 minute shower. Actually, today I even made it in four! When The Boy is in the shower with me or I have to shave my entire leg, it takes more in the 6-7 minute range, but I do not usually shower every day, so no problem there.

June 1-- 6 minutes (baby in shower)
June 2-- 5 minutes
June 3-- 4 minutes

I know I just said I don't usually shower daily, but we had no power Sunday, so I stunk by Monday. I'll try to update every few days or so. June, July and August. My goal is to average four minutes.

My commitment


care said...

I am totally bad about the shower. I should be better. I'm not sure I can commit to the 4 minutes, but I could shorten it. good for you!

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