Saturday, June 21, 2008

Shower Update #3

Crunchy Domestic Goddess called for a shower update, so here I go... again. I have been bad in the past week, going over my 4 minute self-imposed limit several times and showering more than every other day, but dang it. Golf in the Oklahoma heat and humidity calls for a shower! Also, any time The Boy comes in with me requires a couple of extra minutes, but maybe I should count his time and mine together? LOL!

June 1-- 6 minutes (The Boy with me)
June 2-- 5 minutes
June 3-- 4 minutes
June 4-- no shower
June 5-- 4 minutes
June 6-- 4 minutes (after golf!)
June 7-- 5 minutes
June 8-- 6 minutes (I was lazy and stopped watching the timer!)
June 9-- 4 minutes
June 10-- no shower
June 11-- 5 minutes
June 12-- no shower
June 13-- 4 minutes
June 14-- no shower
June 15-- 5 minutes
June 16-- no shower
June 17-- 7 minutes (I'm penalizing myself for failing to turn on the timer!)
June 18-- no shower
June 19--4 minutes
June 20-- no shower
June 21-- no shower

So far, I would say, I am not doing good enough. Have I improved? Some, but I can do better.

My commitment
Update #1
Update #2


care said...

you are so good about keeping track! even if you aren't at 4 minutes every day I think you're still doing AMAZING. and yes, if amari is in the shower with you then you get get to reduce the time--maybe by a third?

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