Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Breastfeeding through six months

Once I got past those first few (or six) weeks, things got a lot easier for me... and The Boy. We both learned how to latch without looking, became more comfortable nursing in public, and all around had a pretty easy time of it. I never had mastitis, and the one time I had a plogged duct, I used the pump while massaging the spot a few times and it cleared itself up. It definitely helped that I took The Boy everywhere. I was not going to allow him to be an excuse to stay home and not experience Germany.

My Dad and Sheri came to visit us around six weeks.  At first, I was a little shy about nursing The Boy in front of my dad, but I got over that quickly. Really, they were living with us, in a small apartment, for a week. There weren't a whole lot of additional options. They were awesome and I think dad got more comfortable as the week went on. They were also great visitors, because they were happy to entertain themselves some too!

I think it helped that by that point, I had taken The Boy out quite a bit and discovered a few things about his nursing style. He hated blankets and things over his head, so we because efficient at latching with minimal (if any) nipple exposure. I learned to adjust my wardrobe around his needs (every shirt had to be examined for its nursing functionality).  The Boy didn't take as long to eat, but he did go through growth spurt where he would eat all of the time.

Around three months, I decided to take The Boy to the US, and we had a really easy trip. I credit nursing, because on the way to the US, all he did was nurse, sleep and pee/poop. The flight attendant brought me a ton of water (thankfully) and helped me during take off and landing techniques (nurse... screw the car seat). Back to Frankfurt was easy too-- thanks to nursing!

Over the first six months, we both became attached to the nursing, I think. The Boy wanted it and wanted it on his schedule. I enjoyed the down time. The closer and closer I got to six months (my initial goal), the more I realized that I was going to keep going. I posed it to Kevin as a question, presented the information, and then decided. Fortunately, he told me that he thought it was a good decision. 


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