Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Here is my June shower update!

June 1-- 6 minutes (The Boy with me)

June 2-- 5 minutes

June 3-- 4 minutes

June 4-- no shower

June 5-- 4 minutes

June 6-- 4 minutes (after golf!)

June 7-- 5 minutes

June 8-- 6 minutes (I was lazy and stopped watching the timer!)

June 9-- 4 minutes

June 10-- no shower

June 11-- 5 minutes

June 12-- no shower

June 13-- 4 minutes

June 14-- no shower

June 15-- 5 minutes

June 16-- no shower

June 17-- 7 minutes (I'm penalizing myself for failing to turn on the timer!)

June 18-- no shower

June 19--4 minutes

June 20-- no shower

June 21-- no shower

June 22-- 5 minutes

June 23-- 5 minutes

June 24-- no shower

June 25-- 4 minutes + 3 minutes (after swimming at night) = 7 minutes

June 26-- no shower

June 27-- no shower

June 28-- 4 minutes

June 29-- 3 minutes

June 30-- no shower

Now the debate in my head on how to present this data rages on. Being an economist, I can tell you that I can fix these numbers (much like statistics) to say whatever I want them to say. Rather than making the call and dealing with the consequences, I am going to present two different methods.

First-- the average shower time per shower-- 87 min/18 showers = 4.83 minutes per shower

Second-- the average shower time per day (i.e. distributed over all 30 days even though I did not take 30 showers-- 87 minutes/30 days = 2.9 minutes per day

Either way, I am doing well and am under the 5 minute challenge, but if I do it per shower, I am over my personal goal of four minutes. Not bad for month one, but there is still room for improvement.


Rebecca said...

Awesome! I just may be inspired to take this challenge, too. Do you shut off the water to shave, or how do you shave and shower in under 4 minutes?

Maria said...

Quickly? LOL! I don't use shave gel or anything. Basically, I quickly wash my hair, do the underarms and then once or twice a week do the legs, but I almost never shave above the knee. If I need to do a more thorough job, I turn off the water. Oh, and I wash my hair and body at once to help save on the rinse time.

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