Monday, July 7, 2008

July shower update... week 1

June went well enough, but I am intent on improving my showering! Crunchy Domestic Goddess's 5 Minute Shower Challenge is no challenge! Kidding. Her challenge does keep me from wasting time and water in the shower, even though I did not take long showers before the challenge. Now, when I am tempted, I remember that I am going to be held accountable on this blog and the rest of the challengers!

July 1-- 5 minutes
July 2-- no shower
July 3-- 5 minutes (Happy Birthday to me!)
July 4-- no shower
July 5-- 3 minutes (rush rush rush to scrub the paint off and out)
July 6-- no shower, but I did climb in my son's bath so that he would get in!
July 7-- 3 minutes (woke up late... quick was my friend!)

Not bad-- four minutes per shower... 2.3 minutes per day. Can I keep it up?


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