Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Making a change... one day at a time.

We only have one vehicle in our family, and with Kevin home and needing it, I stepped out and took the bus to work. So far so good. I plan on doing it all summer and maybe during "nice" days later for the rest of the year.

One day at a time, and so far so good! I used the Metro in DC, and now I am back to the bus in Tulsa. I am not sure if it will work or not to take The Boy to daycare on the bus, because the schedule here is messed up. I tried to do it one day, but it took me an hour to go one mile one direction, drop him off, and eight back the way I came from. Frustrating!


sasspot said...

i love public transportation. in high school, when we lived in prague, it is all that we used. it was so difficult to come back to the states and be without! i would use our bus system here, but it does not go as far north as i would need it. i do hope that we will someday have a better system that can be utilized by the masses. hello mid-america--wake-up!

sasspot said...

it's better for our environment and our pocketbooks!!

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