Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More job news

So my position as the Senior Economist (Regional Technical Specialist) is supposed to be come official July 6... five more days. One complaint (really the only complaint other than the overall suckiness of the new NSPS payroll system we are under) is that I would be getting a 5% raise (maximum allowed) for a job that I'd normally make an additional $20-30K for (much much much more than 5%). I could get 5% July 6 and an additional 5% three months later by assigning different job duties, but I was told that was the best they could do. Now, I really wanted this job. Don't get me wrong, but it hardly makes it worth it to get paid at a GS-11 level for GS-13 work, which under the new system is all rolled up in to one pay band, thus limiting the pay increase to 5%. Are you confused yet?

Well, today I got a call saying that if I would move down to payband one (which is, I suppose, a demotion) as a developmental assignment for one year, taking a 5% increase in pay to do so, and then after that one year, I would get the increase in job duties (from 12 to 13 equivalent) and a promotion to payband two, I could (at that time) get an additional 6-20% pay increase.

Confusing, so I hope everyone is still with me.

Basically, by taking a demotion with a pay increase, and then a promotion with a variable increase that is not set in stone, I am going to win big time. My second in line supervisor guarenteed me that I could get 10%, probably get 15% and they would try to get me the full 20%. If I did not trust my supervisors, this would be a problem, but I know the CPAC is advising them and working hard for this to happen, so I am quite confident that they will not back track on this.  To make up for the loss of the second 5%, I would need the second promotion to be around 7% (to regain the lost income of the nine months), which has basically been guarenteed.

Needless to say, with the short term loss (nine months), the long term gain is worth the risk of getting 10% instead of 20%. Even (really) worth the 6% if paid out over the rest of my time in this position.

I don't know what I did to deserve all of this positiveness in my career, but dang. It sure is nice to have things go my way!


Del said...

Hmm Hmm.

I have a question for you totally unrelated (but definitely a blog post).

Do you mind?

Here goes: why did you decide to hyphenate your last name?

Del :)

Maria said...

Del-- will do. Watch for it soon!

Rebecca said...

I hear ya. I am going through negotiations for a promotion, and I am dealing with a percentage cap on pay raise increases, too. Silly since they can promote me and won't have to train me, or they could hire someone from the outside who will need training. I'm worth more.

I think it's crappy that you have to take a demotion. Does that mean you aren't taking "the" job? Or are you still taking the same job but just at a different salary grade? I was confused by that part of it. Either way, it sounds exciting, and it says a lot that you trust that your supervisors will follow-through on the eventual pay increases.

Maria said...

It's the same job-- different grade. The position had a developmental option, so I will take those job duties, which are less than full performance for one year, which really is no change for me, but the formalities. I'll always be performing above my PD (job duties), which could work in my favor for my appraisal.

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