Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Results may vary

Here is a great ad re: breastfeeding. It was true for me. I am actually 10 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. I was down 15 pounds before Kevin came home. Maybe I will get back down there when I dump the bad eating habits again.

The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog has a bunch of advertisements in this post. I stole the first one shamelessly from her. :)


Rebecca said...

I get skinnier with each child. I know it's breastfeeding. We put on those fat storages to support milk production, and they get used up quickly if we breastfeed. Add more time spent chasing kids and less time drinking beer, and you have a cocktail for weight loss.

McCool said...

Ditto to that! I also am smaller than I was pre-prego! But I do eat worse and workout less - the only way I make sense of it is breastfeeding!

ChristinaG said...

After a year, I'm ten pounds down from pre-pregnancy. I wouldn't mind losing even more though!

Marye said...

Maria- I just wanted to check on your son, how is he doing?
I always went down to me prepregnancy size (6) easily untila fter I had #8 when I was 43...apparently my metabolism had had enough and just went on strike. :P

Maria said...

Marye-- It went well. the full story is on his blog -- http://amarijohnson.blogspot.com, and there is a shorter summary on the family blog-- http://mariaandkevin.blogspot.com . I know. I have a lot of blogs. LOL!

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