Friday, August 15, 2008

The Diaper Dilemma

I promised Rebecca that if she shared her diaper dilemma, I'd share mine. I'm not yet sure what her dilemma was/is, but mine relates directly to disposable versus cloth. I know there is a lot of information out there, but this is where I am. I think I have come to a conclusion, but I am going to go visit eco baby in Tulsa to check out a few things and then make a final decision.  
Long story short--
I've been weighing the differences, pluses and minuses, of cloth and disposable diapers. Currently we use disposables full-time, and I thought that it would be impossible to cloth diaper. At daycare we cannot cloth. However, I have found (online) families that cloth at home, disposable at daycare. I began to think that I, too, could do this. After carefully weighing my washing habits, drying habits, willingness to cloth, etc, I think we will be switching to cloth at home. There are some amazing new diapers out there, and I am looking forward to deciding which I want to use. 
The saga will continue...


Rebecca said...

So, have you decided which cloth to use? Can't wait to hear more.

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