Saturday, August 23, 2008

Life without a traditional driveway.

After reading the story, let me tell you-- Oh how I want one! A couple in Canada replaced their traditional paver driveway with a front yard full of nature and greenness. In the process, they greatly reduced their run-off and created a masterpiece. Check it out!


Suzanne said...

GREAT LINK! Thanks so much for sharing it, otherwise I would have missed out.

Franke James said...


Thank you for your inspiring post and sharing our green driveway/Paradise with your readers. It was a super fun project. I would encourage everyone -- who is reasonably fit -- to pick up a shovel and unpave a little bit of their own Paradise.


KaritaG said...

SUPER SUPER SUPER cool story! Thanks for sharing.

Christina M. said...

Amazing! I never thought to do this before. Well, I don't even have one of my own but it is surely something to consider!

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