Friday, September 5, 2008

New season, new challenge

The Crunchy Domestic Goddess is at it again. Challenging her readers to extend themselves in the interest of the environment. Or saving money. No matter what your reason, the challenge is clear-- Ditch the Disposables! The participant is to find at least one NEW thing to give up. Needless to say, for me this is a bit of a challenge. Why?
  • I have already given up tampons, etc and switched to the Diva Cup.
  • We use cloth diapers at home (daycare won't allow them)
  • I use a Sigg bottle
  • The Boy uses Sigg and other reusable cups
  • Take and Toss in our house really is take and reuse until the item falls apart (we don't own much anyway)
  • We already use cloths for cleaning 
  • We bring our own reusable bags to the store
After much thought, I am accepting the challenge. I am stepping WAY out there for me. Those of you who know me well, know I cannot eat without a napkin. It drives me crazy not to have one... even if I don't use it! Sometimes I need multiples!

So-- I am ditching paper towels and napkins, etc with 1 exception– tailgates. I will not be bringing my own cloth napkin and glass plate to a tailgate. I will, however, use only 1 set of dining items per tailgate.

I'm still trying to decide what to do when eating out. Do I bring my own napkin? Or do I compromise and use a paper one? Anyone have ideas?

Are you willing to take the challenge? If so, head on over and sign up!


care said...

perhaps I shall commit too--I am going to (finally) commit to keeping my own tupperware/plastic container with me to places!

Also, for cloth napkins I just cut up a bunch of dishcloths I didn't love and use them--even at work!

for when you go out...that's a tough call. how often do you go out to eat, anyway? I don't think it would be TOO weird, but I'm not sure if there are any health or sanitation rules against it.

for tailgates could you purchase the made-from-corn or whatever plates, cups, napkins, etc? they even have disposable cutlery that biodegrades within 30 days.

good for you for doing this and giving up something you use so often!

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