Saturday, September 6, 2008

Two weeks of Fuzzi Bunz... what I think.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I stated that the experiment with cloth was beginning? Let me refresh your memory. I was exploring our diapering options when I decided to go with the Fuzzi Bunz. A friend of mine also let me some cloth prefolds. Let me start with those actually.
I am definitely getting some prefolds... as a backup. They work great for a little extra absorbency in the fuzzi bunz overnight. However, trying to get The Boy to sit still long enough to get it on was a challenge. Also, my friend's daughter is smaller than The Boy, so the ones I had to try were to small.
The Fuzzi Bunz, however, are working out great for us! I use them with a hemp insert, which is very absorbent. The snaps are great, because at night when I put in two liners, I can use a snap that makes it a bit larger and less tight on The Boy. They stay on great. They contain the mess. Oh, and because The Boy generally poops just once a day, sometimes twice, I put a Imse Vimse flushable liner in the diaper around his poop time...usually. OK. I forget a lot, but washing/emptying out the poop isn't as bad as I thought it would be.
(The diaper to the left isn't exactly how the new Fuzzi Bunz look. The tabs are bit different and look easier to snap on the new ones.)
The Boy also likes his Fuzzi Bunz (from now on referred to as FB, because I am getting tired of typing that matter how fun it is to say). Unlike the prefolds, he doesn't get antsy while I put them on, and apparently the fuzziness feels good. The dry spots he gets on his butt are cleared up. He's also peed on the training toilet a few times (woo hoo).
My lesson learned? If starting again, I'd do cloth from very early on. It's not as hard or labor intensive as I thought it would be, and I'm happy to dry them on a rack outdoors, so I'm not heating my house with the dryer either.

8 comments: said...

Cool! This is very good to know, although I have absolutely no use for any diapers whatsoever. I will pass on the info to those who do, though!

Rachel said...

I'm taking mental notes from all you Earth-friendly mamas! I'm glad there are so many alternatives to disposables.

Kimberly said...

Hiya! I surfed in to your blog from Nature Mom's blog. I really enjoyed my visit and will definitely be back!

I loved this post in particular as I am about to give birth to #2 (on FRIDAY!!!) and have decided to try cloth diapers. I went with the Happy Heiny's brand but am willing to give Fuzzy Bunz a try too. I appreciate getting a real Mom's view.

Keep up the good work!
Cheers, Kimberly (Tree Huggin' Mummy) :)

Rebecca said...

How's the washing?

Rebecca said...

How's the washing?

Maria said...

The washing is easy. The outer portion of the FB dries overnight on a rack without a problem. The hemp liners take longer, but dry quickly outdoors (on a rack) or in the dryer. I try not to use the dryer in order to maximize the efficiency, but I do not really have enough diapers to wait for the liners to dry. I am trying them whole sha-bang on the drying rack overnight indoors as we speak. I'll let you know how it goes.

Maria said...

OK. I realize I just talked about drying. The washing part is also easy. I throw them in the washer with a small scoop of detergent and some borax or baking soda/vinegar (alternating). They come out clean and smelling good. So far we've only had 2 REALLY messy (not regular) poops, and the poop came out of the diaper without scrubbing or anything crazy.

Angela said...

Glad to hear it's working out for you! I didn't start cloth diapering until my second was 2, and I had such a good experience that I started with cloth right away with my third. Like you I don't mind the washing. My little one goes through 20+ diapers a day though, so the drying time can be a problem unless I use the dryer!

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