Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why Homecoming kept me down

I've had several questions about why Homecoming kept me away from blogging, but I cannot blame Homecoming alone. Yes, it played a part. Afterall, TU's Homecoming 2008 brought back many former student-athletes/Letterwinners for our first All-year, All-sport reunion.  The TU Lettermen's Association (TULA) put on a weekend of activities-- golf tournament, reunion, tailgate, silent auction, etc. What many of the readers of this blog might not know is that I am on the TULA Board, so I spent my weekend working hard to help make sure things went off without a hitch!
I'm also taking six hours of graduate school this semester in order to finish next semester. My writing might be a little sparce between now and then, but I miss blogging enough to know I'll be back to more regular writing...some now, some later. :)

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