Thursday, November 27, 2008

Buy Nothing Day!

I have been on an anti-commercialism kick lately. The holidays really bring this out in me. The complete excess of the season really is a problem for me. The implications on society and the environment are troubling.

I've written about what we do to limit The Boy's exposure, but really-- it extends beyond children. I wrote in a comment, "kids are bombarded with marketing everywhere they turn, and it only fosters a society where everyone wants more and more and more and more becomes an entitlement instead of a reward."

Some might find my statements to be harsh, but in reality, it is the truth. We are a consumption based society, and we waste-- a lot.  Kevin and I have already made a commitment to purchase less overall-- decrease our spending and reduce our debt.

So, I am accepting the Crunchy Domestic Goddess's challenge to buy nothing on the 28th AND reduce my overall consumption during this holiday season.

Will you accept the challenge?



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