Friday, December 19, 2008

Two Years of Nursing

Wow. I can not believe it has been two years. Have I said wow? I never thought I would make it this far, and I forget that others do not do the same. Long lost friends (hi Lauren!!!) have contacted me to say they found my blog one way or another, and in reading it they have been inspired to nurse just a little longer (or a lot).

People often comment about my dedication and commitment, but in reality, nursing has become such an engrained part of my life, I am not sure where I would be or what life would be like without it. A week ago, a good friend of mine delivered premature triplets. Unfortunately, one did not make it, but the other two are doing amazingly well. I remarked to that friend that I admire HER commitment. She is pumping, exclusively, for her little boys. My friend tells me that the boys' pediatrician will not see them unless she is nursing/pumping. I could not help but smile.  My friend is amazing, and I am incredibly proud of her for pumping when nothing came out (though supply is high now).

So what is it like to nurse my two year old?

It is amazing and challenging all at the same time. We still nurse on demand, but the demand has dropped significantly. Right now, it usually means once at night, once between 2-5 am and once as he wakes up in the morning. On weekends, there is also a pre-nap session.

The Boy openly communicates his desire to nurse. He also will tell me which side he wants, and after taking one will sit up and say "want other side." At night, he whispers 'want nurse' and 'other side' so softly and gently it melts my heart. In the mornings, he does considerably better when he can nurse before getting out of bed. It starts his day off right.

The Boy and I still use nursing to reconnect though. I can tell if I have been gone too much or focusing on other things in his presence, because he will ask to nurse more those days or weeks. When needed, nursing helps with his emotional balance, big changes (i.e. Kevin leaving for the season), fixing owies, and all around bad days. Some days he just wants me to 'sit on couch' with him, but others he needs more, and I am ok with that.

We still nurse in public, and so far, no one has said much about it. Every once in a while there is a look, but I just ignore it. I am not least I have not been.

He does not bite.

Some day he will wean himself.

When that day comes, I will probably cry, but I will also know I gave him what he needed.

Yes, needed not wanted.

Two years.

Where has the time gone?


McCool said...

Love this post - as you know, I am still nursing little Bman - and we are going strong- interested to see what tandem nursing will be like come this summer - we'll see!

Rebecca said...

You GO! Thanks for inspiring all of us. Frank is 1 1/2, and we are still nursing. We love it.

Monica said...

That's wonderful! My son nursed until he was 2 weeks shy of turning 3. I was kind of disappointed that we didn't get to exactly 3 years, but he was ready to wean and I was proud that it was his decision in the end!

Melodie said...

It is wonderful when moms can extend their nursing relationship with their children. I think it drastically helps other moms to consider doing the same when you nurse in public too. For every "ew" at least there's going to be that expericen of seeing it which may change a mom's mind later down the road when she sees that her little one isn't ready to wean.
I think you and I have a lot in common and I am glad to have found you through a comment you left in PHD in Parenting. You might like to check out my site if you feel moved to do so. It's all about breastfeeding with the goal to make public breastfeeding more socailly acceptable. Check out my book project page too. You may want to submit!
All the best,

Maria said...

Thanks for coming by Melodie! I will check you out! Be patient though. I am visiting family this week and then running off to Italy for a few days. :)

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