Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Comment Policy

Just making it a little more concrete, because ... well, I wanna!

When you go to comment, it says:

I reserve the right to delete any comment I deem inappropriate, so say what you think, but keep it under control. Anonymous comments currently are not allowed.
This does not mean that I will not print comments that are controversial or in opposition to my own opinion, but rather comments that are hurtful with no purpose, name-call, rude, spam or otherwise in bad taste will not be published. I encourage people who disagree to comment. I think it only furthers ones position and mind to know the opposition, and in some cases you might discover parts of yourself (or myself) that influence your own positions. Or not. But I do believe it is key to learning and learning is key!

To summarize, so long as the comment is civil and not spam, it is welcome. Yes, I am the judge of that, but I think I'm pretty dang fair.

Calling me a freak for nursing my two year old is NEVER welcomed, by the way. ;-)

So is that clear as mud? Feel free to ask questions so I can clarify by editing this post if it is not.

**Update 6/17/2009-- Changes are indicated by bold type.


Rebecca said...

Freaks unite!

Steve said...

What if totally unrelated to lactivism, I call you a freak and then say I am just kidding?

Maria said...

Steve-- you need to tread carefully or I'm sticking your wife on you! :)

Stacia said...

No way! Someone did not do that?!?!! Very well said, you get em' girl!
And remember it's YOUR blog =)

Bethany said...

can I call you a freak for not having a epidural? Just kidding. I just delete comments that are weird, no questions asked--your blog your rules

Maria said...

Ha ha! I actually had an epidural. stupid induction. However, in Germany, they are kind enough to let it wear off, so you can feel to push...and go home in less eight hours later. LOL!

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