Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gotta Get Goals Take II check-in

Honestly, 2008 stunk. Badly. And I just realized, I didn't do my mid-year check in from my 2008 goals. Sad, but true. So, 2008 stunk. Kevin was unemployed most of the year, so that took a toll on where I was going. In the interest of being held accountable, here is the review.

. I will improve my delegation skills. There is no reason for me to do everything and/or to be everything to everyone. Housework, financial records, work in general is meant to be shared.

Honestly, I am better than I used to be, but my expectations get in the way. Kevin did have the wonderful honor of helping stain the deck, preparing meals, etc while he was home, but for the most part, I am still a do it myself person. I really need to get over that. At work though, I'm doing very well at delegating, because I finally have help!

Accepting help. When Kevin or someone else offers to help, I will take them up on their offer. I will no longer just say that I would love for someone to take The Boy for a few hours. I will "phone-a-friend" more often!

While it is hard for me to say yes, I have been doing it a lot more, and I am grateful for those who are so generous as to help me, but most of the time, I think I should spend more time with The Boy, so generally, I try not to leave him with other people outside of work...too often anyway.

Financial. I will make a financial plan for our family and enforce it. The plan will result in a reduction of our debts without sacrificing all of the fun in our lives. I will more clearly define our "needs" versus "wants."

Our family has much improved on our budgeting skills and sticking to that budget, but when Kevin didn't go back to work in the fall when he usually does, we were unable to reduce debt at the rate we wanted and we did sacrifice fun to pay the bills. I do think we are living more frugally overall, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Personal Fitness. My new fitness goal is to return to working out (cardio and abs as a minimum workout) at least three times per week.

I started out doing so well... only to fail miserably. I'm still skinny fat and must change that!

Family. I will work to keep my family's needs met without sacrificing my personal happiness.

I give myself a 50% completion rating. I think that I sacrifice my personal wants quite a bit, but that is what happens when you are raising a child essentially on your own and have responsibilities that need to be taken care of on a daily basis. Overall, I think I have just become happier with where I am and more willing to change the things I dread. Some of that is new and the result of a book I'm reading.

Personal Growth. I will continue to challenge my mind through continued learning. I will read intellectual/academic articles and other challenging literature rather than all "fluff." I will author (and co-author) articles and submit them for professional considerations via presentations at conferences and publications. I will continue to be actively involved in issues that interest me, and use my skills to benefit organizations that I support. I will not be afraid to express my thoughts and opinions on controversial topics simply to appease others. I will work to complete my thesis!

I pass, but I see this as a life long issue. Well, except for the thesis, but I'm doing a project this semester instead so I can GRADUATE!!! Woo hoo!!! I presented a paper at the Corps Planning Conference, and I continue to seek out opportunities to advance my intellect through work and recreation.

Personal Time. I will take time for myself at least one night a week.

For the most part, I have been successful in this endeavor. Some of that comes from accepting the help of others and others willingness to take my child for a few hours. Sometimes I say I am lazy, but that laziness is just this after I put The Boy to bed and really the result of me taking time to rejuvenate myself!

Review of Goals. I will periodically review, update and revise these goals. Life causes perspective to change, which causes goals to change. I was once on a fast-track to a high position in a great company. My goals then were a lot different than what they are now.

It's been too long. I need to set a goal to do this quarterly!

Gotta Get Goals (April 2007)


KaritaG said...

I hear you! I have never been so glad to usher in a new year!

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