Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gotta Get Goals Take III

While the past two sets of goals have kept the same categories, this time I am shaking it up a bit. My life has changed and different things are important to me now. New areas of needed improvement have been shown to me, so I want to address them too. Some of the list might read more like a to do list than a goals list, but my to do is a goal!

Accepting help. I am keeping this one, because I want to keep it in the front of my mind that help is ok!

Financial. We will stick to our budget, rid ourselves of any and all high interest debt, and made defined progress towards financial freedom. I have really been doing a lot of reading, thinking and praying, and I have come to the conclusion that we cannot fully enjoy life while incurring debt at the rate of other's in similar situations and age groups, so I want us to pay down our debt as quickly as possible, and yes, that includes our mortgage. The Jones's can keep buying too much, but we will live within our means and be good stewards of our finances.

Personal Fitness. My new fitness goal is to return to working out (cardio and abs as a minimum workout) at least three times per week. I failed at this, so it stays. I will work out! I will become toned!

Family. I will focus on keeping my family centered-- focused on our needs and happiness irregardless of societal and extended family pressures. I will insure that my family is more important than other menial tasks and my job, and I will spend time with them having fun even if chores need to be done!
Education. I will graduate!

Personal Growth. I will continue to challenge my mind through continued learning. I will read intellectual/academic articles and other challenging literature rather than all "fluff." I will author (and co-author) articles and submit them for professional considerations via presentations at conferences and publications. I will continue to be actively involved in issues that interest me, and use my skills to benefit organizations that I support.

Spiritual Growth. I think this is the first time I've ever considered goals in my spiritual life. It's a long story as to why, but I have really felt inspired by my friend Erin lately. My spiritual goal is simple-- to learn more about the Disciples, since I call that my church home and to do a daily devotional.

Personal Time. I will take time for myself at least one night a week, and I will read for pleasure!

Books. I own a lot of them. I will inventory my books, create a record of each book I own, and donate the books I no longer want or need.

The House. I will paint the ceilings, trim and our bedroom!

The Environment. I will continue to stay abreast of environmental developments, work on my compost and start a garden in pots. I will finish our landscaping project and purchase an outdoor drying line!

Review of Goals. I will periodically review, update and revise these goals quarterly!

Gotta Get Goals (April 2007)


katandkarl said...

i love reading your goals. it helps to write them out. thanks for sharing. also, our debt is our mortgage and one small student loan.

Anonymous said...

Books. I own a lot of them. I will inventory my books, create a record of each book I own, and donate the books I no longer want or need>> are type A aren't you?....cull the ones you don't want, keep the ones you do and enjoy....what's the inventory for?...another spreadsheet and time wasted away from "life"


Maria said...

The inventory is because I don't currently have a decent bookshelf, so the books are all over the place and I forget which ones I do and do not own. :)

Bethany said...

have you heard of paperbackswap? You can get rid of your old books, and get new (used) books when you want them. Just an idea..

Maria said...

I've never heard of that Bethany. I'll have to check it out! Thanks!

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