Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is there room for dissent?

I have been thinking about this question a lot since the election, and I think the answer is yes.

Do we need to come to together as a nation in some respects?

Yes. Respecting one another, at home and abroad, is one area where I feel we have fallen woefully short. However, I do not believe coming together means we must agree on everything. As much as I have and will support many of President Obama's policies and positions, there are some that I simply can not or will not agree. Congress falls under the same scrutiny.

Call me crazy, but I think dissent is good. It forces people to think outside the box and completely understand their position, as well as the position of the dissenter. Dissent prevents absolute rule, unchecked power, and corruption.

So, if you think this blog is going to be all roses and sweet smelling love for the next four years, think again.

I will, however, swoon over the Obama family love. I enjoy seeing a President who is not afraid to touch his wife lovingly in public. I enjoy a wife so comfortable with her husband that she welcomes his hand and embrace. I enjoy their mutual respect displayed in how they intently listen to one another and engaged they are with each other in public. Sure, I have no clue what happens behind closed doors, but I am still going to enjoy them. :)


katandkarl said...

i also love a first lady with an education and drive.

Damselfly said...

I think dissent is fine, too -- agreeing to disagree. But the nation coming together, yes, that would be something to see.

Dawn said...

Nice post!! I agree with you. :)

I'm so excited you are going to come tomorrow night. I promise you'll be just fine. There will be a lot of people who won't know each other. That will make it fun! :) I'm very social so stick by me! LOL!

Maria said...

Thanks Dawn. I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm quite social myself, and I already know Maggie. :)

♥georgie♥ said...

Very good post!!!!

I am so looking forward to meeting you and everyone else tomorrow night...and I only know Dawn-so you can stick with me if dawn gets to ummm 'social' LOL

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