Thursday, January 22, 2009

Okie Blog Awards!

As I mentioned Tuesday, I was nominated and made the finals for the Okie Blog Awards in the category of Best Writing Blog!  I found out through a comment on this post and spent much of Tuesday shocked. I am incredibly honored to even be considered!

I spend most of my time oblivious to the fact that people actually read what I write. Sure, I know my friends and family visit from around the world, but until a few months ago, I never thought of my blog as anything but a mind dump-- a place for me to empty my brain of these thoughts, arguements, rants and raves. My very first post on this blog in April 2007 I stated the blogs purpose, "I need my own place to express my thoughts on whatever I want. A place to let it all hang out there (so to speak)." A Piece of My Mind is the place I write without holding back. I am sure I have alienated some readers at times, but that is OK. 
I have also been able to influence people in a positive way, which makes me smile. I have been answering more emails and questions lately, and I realizing that people do read what I write. In fact, they are interested in the topics I write about or they would not ask questions and return. 
I also found out that my mom reads this blog. .. and my grandma.  Fortunately, I am not intimidated by their presence. I have always been a little different, so their presence does not change my writing-- the topics or the content.
To be nominated for an award still astounds me. If you are an Okie and want to vote, the directions are available on the Okie Blog Awards website. You have until February 7, 2009.
A special thanks to Mike Hermes for running the show!


maggie's mind said...

Coolness, huh?

Anonymous said...

Where else in Okie blog land can you learn about Diva cups...( ewww ;) )


Dawn said...

It really is just exciting!!
Congrats on your nom.

And, I love when I find out that people have been reading my blog even if they don't comment. Of course, I'd LOVE it if they commented. We bloggers LOVE comments. :)

Can't wait to meet you tonight! :)

Rebecca said...

I have no idea what an Okie is... But it sounds cool. Congrats! You are a good writer, you know.

Maria said...

LOL! Okies are Oklahomans. :)

6HappyHearts said...

Look at you! Okie by default & still nominated ; ) I was happy to meet you last night. Love your "line" w/your profile pic. So true!!! No one is changing you sister! I am now a Maria Follower. Who knows - your "greeness" may just rub off a little!

Maria said...

You carpooled last night. That's green. :)

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