Thursday, January 15, 2009

Skipping a month

Way back in December, around when I was expecting my period, I lost my Diva Cup and was unhappy about it.  I found it a few days later, but I had already ordered another one. Lucky me, I now own two. I wonder if I could gift one? Hmm... Kidding.  The new one arrived before my period did. A lot before my period did. A month later, and it finally showed up. 

See mom. I told you I wasn't pregnant. ;)

Consider it a lesson learned.

Post-partum (even two years!) + nursing = irregular periods for me


katandkarl said...

still nothing over here... but i am expecting it any time now that i have stopped nursing.

Rebecca said...

Oh my, gifting the Diva Cup? I hate to ask if it's used.

Maria said...

LOL! It's still in the box Rebecca!

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