Friday, February 6, 2009

Best Breastfeeding Advice I was Given

Every once in a while, I am asked what is the best breastfeeding advice I was given.

It came from my midwife, Katherine. I was struggling to nurse in the early days, because The Boy would gag every time he latched. He had latched at birth, but had not really nursed since then. Katherine told me, and her assistant repeated a few days later--

"Just relax."

Once I started doing that, I was much less stressed and enjoyed The Boy a lot more.

Honestly, I did not count wet or poopy diapers.

Every cry was not a cause of panic.

Bumps and bruises made me sad, but did not freak me out and cause me to race to the emergency room.

Every fever does not require Tylenol.

Every ounce lost in the beginning did not require formula. (As a side note, my "free stuff" pack from the hospital included nursing teas, but no formula. :) )

Thanks to the blog Blacktating for posting this story and reminding me that relaxing is key to enjoying my son and breastfeeding successfully. :)


Melinda said...

How neat that the hospital gave you nursing shirts for your "free gifts". I was one of the ones that received the bags full of formula that went unused.

Maria said...

Oh, not shirts-- teas as in the stuff you drink! LOL! I should have been more clear! But there was no formula. :)

katandkarl said...

agreed. relaxing was really, really, really hard for me...i was obsessed with counting diapers and worrying about ounces! i didn't supplement with formula but did become obsessed with my pump b/c i could quantify! you are and were a great support to me during my BFing days. :)

Anonymous said...

"relax" is great advice for all kinds of situations...;)


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