Thursday, February 26, 2009

Environmental Contaminants in Breastmilk

If you are concerned about environmental contaminants in breastmilk, I suggest you check out this post at The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog.  I was a bit shocked to learn that 78-93% of women would wean over concerns of toxins in their milk, but I was also relieved to see that Tanya pointed out that " Toxins are in the general environment, which means that they are in formula, too."  Additionally, breastmilk undergoes significant processessing, which allows for toxins and contaminants to enter in to the finished product (melamine anyone?).


Bethany said...

Did she mention the water to mix the formula?

Maria said...

Briefly yes, but mostly in more general terms of environmental contaminants in formula. :)

Rebecca said...

I often worry about what kind of toxins are in my body that Frank gets. I realize, though, that those toxins are in my body because they are everywhere, and he's going to be exposed to them whether or not he drinks my milk.

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