Sunday, February 1, 2009

Greening myself in 2009

I set some goals, but this is what I have been up as far as greening 2009.

My indoor compost storage pail was giving me fits. It is hard for me to remember to empty it during the day at a time when I can take it out, bring it in, wash it, etc. I hate going out at night, so I bought some compostable liners to try. These aren't exactly it, but pretty much are the same thing. We'll see how that goes.

I purchased a deodorant/anti-perspiration crystal. I have wanted to do this for a while, and in the mean time was using Tom's of Maine Sensitive Care stick in unscented, but I finally remembered to pick up a crystal at Whole Foods. So far, I like it.

The dryer is fixed and function so much more efficiently! I have noticed it takes half the time to dry stuff as it used to, which means a lower electric bill and less energy used. I am still going to buy my outdoor line for the spring, summer and fall, but I feel better knowing the crap-tastic dryer isn't quite so crappy.

I'm still on the five minute shower! We've ditched disposable napkins, and I use paper towels only when we have bacon. We also cloth diaper at home, and I don't dry them, so that saves too.

We renewed our CSA Membership for the summer of 2009 with Three Springs Farm. I am also looking in to the Oklahoma Food Co-Op as an option for buying more local food and other items.  At first I thought it wouldn't work, but I discovered that they have a drop-off in Tulsa very near to our home.

Last, but not least, our vehicle received a tune-up. A problem was discovered, but the efficiency has improved since the tune-up, so that's nice too.

How are you greening your life in 2009? Each small bit counts!


Rachel said...

You're an inspiration!

I ordered some reusable shopping bags as Christmas gifts ("Envirosax"), and they came with a free shower timer. I'm trying to get down to a 4-minute shower, but it's been rough.

I also haven't used a plastic bag since the year began. I'd love to add an "I've been plastic-bag-free for XX days" on my blog, but they're not as abundant as the ones about nursing or little kids' birthdays. :)

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