Sunday, February 22, 2009

Parenting teaching the lessons of Jesus: Baking Cookies

There are so many aspects of parenting that parallel my Christian journey. Baking cookies is one of them.
For Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fun to bake cookies with my son. Yes, The Boy. Age 2. Baking and decorating cookies. Let me start from before that time though...
I love to bake, and I love to make perfect cookies-- from the perfect dough, perfect shapes, perfect done-ness,  and perfect frosting and decorations. I love doing it and have a bit of a reputation for my perfect cookies. Yes, this is a fault of mine-- one that has been corrected through parenthood. I used be obsessed with maintaining my reputation of having perfect cookies to the detriment of my friendships (Sorry Bethany!).
You might be wondering where I am going with this...but here it comes.
Often times I approach things with a prideful heart, whether baking cookies, parenting or studying the Word (nothing is truly off limits, is it?), and in doing so I hurt someone. I hurt friends' or family's feelings. I hurt my relationship with Jesus.

I must fight the urge with all my might to prevent myself from correcting The Boy when baking cookies. If the cookie is not perfect, it does not matter. It only matters when my own pride interferes. When I humble myself and approach the task with a modest heart, the imperfections of the cookie become a part of their charm, and the memory of baking cookies becomes something to cherish. I enhance my relationship with The Boy. When I approach life humbly and with a modest heart, I enhance my relationship with Jesus.

While I am able to continue to have perfect dough for some cookies, I allow The Boy stirring opportunities. The Boy helps roll out the dough, cut the shapes and apply sprinkles (I do the frosting while he adds sprinkles).  If we are not using sprinkles, he helps frost.

Our cookies, they are not perfect. The lesson he taught me... it will last a lifetime. To think this is just the tip of the iceberg... amazing.

Who ever said parenting was a one way street?


ANHD said...

Great post, Maria! What a wonderful life lesson learned from such a simple act!

Anonymous said...

you create moments that are perfect....not cookies...


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